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On 4th June 1783 in Annonay, France, the balloon of Etienne & Joseph Montgolfier (225 Kg, 800cu.m) went up 1000m and flew 2 kilometers distance in around 10 minutes.
E&J.Montgolfier balloon
At Versailles on 19th Septembr 1783, their balloon named “Le Réveillon” (400 Kg 1400m3) went up to 500 m high and travelled a distance of 3,5 kilometers in 8 minutes carrying a lamb, a duck and a cock in a basket. The animals were alive and in healthy condition when the balloon landed. The experience showed that a balloon could carry a load and one can survive at altitude. The next step was to be human flight, again in a balloon named “Le Réveillon”.
Montgolfière Le Réveillon.
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