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Laister / Laister-Kauffmann
One of the pioneer US sailplane designers, John W. (or Jack) Laister built his first design, a gull-winged acrobatic sailplane in 1938 and later formed, with John R. Kauffman, the Laister-Kauffman Aircraft Corp. This produced, among other types, the TG-4A training glider version of the LK-10 for the USAAF and was one of the 16 firms taking part in the Waco CG-4A Hadrian programme, building 310 out of the nearly 14,000 CG-4As completed. Laister-Kauffman also produced one of the biggest troop-carrying gliders of the war, the 42-seat XCG-10A, which had a span of 105ft and could carry a 155mm howitzer or a 2½ ton truck.

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