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Aleksei Andreevich Borovkov
Born in 1903, in 1930 Aleksei Andreevich Borovkov graduated from the aviation department of the Leningrad Institute of Railway Engineers .
After graduation he was a design engineer and the head of the special design bureau at aircraft factories . Since 1938 - the chief designer. Together with L.P. Korotkov, he developed a project for retractable landing gear for the I-16 fighter , which was taken to mass production . In collaboration with Ilya Florov, he designed training aircraft UTI-1 , UTI-2 , UTI-3 , UTI-4 , the fighter - biplane I-207 . Participated in the development of the first Soviet jet fighter D.
Awarded the Order of the Red Star, Aleksei Andreevich Borovkov died in a plane crash in 1945.
Il'ja Florent'evič Florov (also transliterated as Ilya Florentyevich Florov (in Russian : Илья Флорентьевич Флоров) was born on 5 August 1908 on Novocherkassk, USSR.
After graduating from the Novocherkassk Institute of Aeronautics (1931), he worked as a designer, Deputy Chief and Chief of the OKB. He has been involved in creating a series of I-16 edits. Together with AA Borovkov, designed the first Soviet training fighter UTI-1, then UTI-2, -3 and -4, later maneuverable fighter biplane I-207. From 1941 to OKB VF Bolkhovitinov (head of department, deputy chief designer), where he participated in the formation of the first Soviet fighter fighter.
He was the director, together with his colleague Aleksej Andreevič Borovkov , of the Design Office (OKB) number 207, and co-designer of some innovative military aircraft projects that did not enter mass production.
Since 1944, he has been the head of the aerospace sector of the scientific research institute, where he was designed and built an experimental aircraft with a rocket engine for liquids. Since 1948, CIAM has developed theoretical basics of methods for assessing the efficiency of using engines in aircraft for various purposes. He was awarded the Order of the October Revolution, 2 orders of the Red Battalion, the Medal.
Il'ja Florent'evič Florov died in 1983.

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