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Fläming Air GmbH Oehna
Berlin, right after the re-unification, was the assigned German capital with an area of roughly 5 million people. Agricultural flying had been very popular in the GDR so there were a lot of adandoned airfields at that time.
Starting the organisation and finding the right spot to start was a challenging task. Even better, finding the right aircraft for training, getting all the licences and building the network of flight instructors, clients and maintenance facilities.

The property question was still a major obstacle as a lot of land had to be reassigned to old and new owners. Infrastructure of old adminstration had to be carried over to the new administration, validation of old licences, ald maintenance standards and while facing all that trouble, we opended our new company and found a spot to start Fläming Air.

Fläming, the name for an area south of Berlin, is flat land and called "Fläming" for about 900 years after some early settlements of the Flame tribes. In the early 90s, Fläming had their first airfield and fuel station. 40,000 flights from that field showed the importance of Fläming Air for the south Berlin flying community. By 1995 they had the first hard runway which was extended to 850 m in 1998. Another grass runway for gliders and tail dragger was added in 1998 as well as illumination for night VFR. 20-30 students filed their PPL at the facilities every year.

The repair and maintenance facility is certified to JAR 145 and a little later the JAR 21G Production certification for Rotax conversions of Cessna C150 was achieved. 1999 saw the first licence production of an ultralight aircraft made from GFR/CFR. In 2003 Fläming launched their own microlight/ultralight/experimental - the Smaragd, which had it's maiden flight on March 22nd, 2003 and was licensed on December 29th, 2003.

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