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Civil Aviation Department of India
Technical Centre, Civil Aviation Department
Civil Aviation Directorate,
Talkatora Road,
New Delhi
Seven types of glider have been developed at this Technical Centre, which is the research and development establishment of the Indian Civil Aviation Department, since 1950.
Some are based on well-known designs such as the Grunau Baby and Olympia; but the three latest types, the Ashvini, Rohini and Bharani, are of original design and are intended to use indigenous materials wherever possible. The Technical Centre does not undertake quantitymanufacture of sailplanes, but supplies sets of drawings to private concerns such as Aeronautical Services Ltd, which is producing the Ashvini and Rohini.

The RG-1 Rohini-1 side-by-side two-seater trainer was the first type designed at the Technical Centre of India's Civil Aviation Department to go into production in more than small quantities. Starting with an open-cockpit primary type glider first flown in November 1950, the Technical Centre built two Model PT-G open cockpit primary single-seaters based on the ESG design, six Model IT-G intermediate trainers based on the Grunau Baby, two Model AS-1 high performance sailplanes based on the Olympia and five Ashvini tandem two-seater trainers resembling the DPS Kranich; 11 more Ashvinis were built by Aeronautical Services Ltd of Calcutta.






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