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HIBM / Ikmal Hava ve Bakim Merkezi
Turkish aircraft in the true sense began only after the founding of the Republic in 1923. A small delegation was dispatched to Europe to procure aircraft for the new Turkish Air Force. After evaluation it was decided to obtain 16 Bréguet XIV A-2, 39 Caudron C-27 and 32 Caudron C-59 aircraft. These aircraft were dismantled in 1924 and shipped to the Gaziemir / Izmir Air Force Base under French supervision. After the first requirements of the Turkish Air Force, the armed force withdrew from the assembly of planes however, this plan did not last long. When in the course of technical development, the maintenance became more complicated and more complex, the maintenance facilities of these forces were again entrusted with the manufacture of spare parts or installation or modernization of aircraft. So the 1st Air Supply and Maintenance Center emerged (1 Ikmal Hava ve Bakim Merkezi, 1.HIBM) in Eskisehir (1926), the 901 Home Depot and production plant for aircraft (the 901.Hava Araci Ana Depo ve Fabrika Komutanligi, nine hundred and first HAADFK) in Polatlı (1948, 1962 in Ankara) and the 2nd Air Supply and Maintenance Center (2nd Hava Ikmal ve Bakim Merkezi, 2.HIBM) in Kayseri (1950).

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