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Arkhip Mikhailovich Lyul'ka


Born March 23, 1908, Kiev Oblast, Ukraine, Arkhip Mikhailovich Lyul'ka, was a Soviet scientist and designer of jet engines of Ukrainian origin, head of the OKB Lyulka, member of the USSR Academy of Sciences.

The Lyul'ka design bureau had its roots in the Kharkov Aviation Institute where Arkhip Mikhailovich Lyulka was working with a team designing the ATsN (Agregat Tsentralnovo Nadduva - Centralised supercharger) installation on the Petlyakov Pe-8 bomber. Lyul'ka was responsible for designing the first Soviet gas turbine engines. Preferring to steer away from copying captured German equipment, it succeeded in producing home grown engines.

Lyul'ka was a USSR aero-engine design bureau and manufacturer(OKB-165 started in 1946) from 1938 to the 1990s, when manufacturing and design elements were integrated as NPO Saturn based at Rybinsk.

Arkhip Lyulka died June 1, 1984, Moscow, Russia






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