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Lawrance Aero Engine Company


The Lawrance Aero Engine Company was founded in 1917 by Charles Lawrance. After the end of World War I, the Lawrance engineers worked with both the Army and the Navy in developing their L-1 into a nine-cylinder radial engine, which became the 200 hp Lawrance J-1. It was the best American air-cooled engine at the time, and passed its 50-hour test in 1922.

The United States Navy was very enthusiastic about air-cooled radials, but was concerned that Lawrance couldn't produce enough engines for its needs. The Navy suggested to Wright that it purchase the Lawrance company and build the J-1 itself. In May 1923, Lawrance was purchased by Wright Aeronautical, with the J-1 being further developed by Wright into the J-5, J-6, and R-795.

Lawrance A-3
Lawrance C-2 1917
Lawrance J-1
Lawrance J-2
Lawrance L-1
Lawrance L-2
Lawrance L-3
Lawrance L-4 aka Wright Gale
Lawrance L-5



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