RotorWay Executive


First presented at the 1980 Oshkosh. The RotorWay Exec is a two-place aircraft which features Rotorway’s RW-145 engine which offers improved operation on inexpensive automotive fuels as well as a greater ability to accomplish hovering maneuvers. Its asymmetrical airfoil rotor blades, a result of several years of research and development, reduce the autorotation descent rate to approximately 1300 fpm, and the increased lift for given pitch movement of these blades translates into less wear and tear on the powerplant. Other features include a simplified rotor blade thrust retention system, a fully enclosed streamlined fuselage and ultra-light tail boom construction.


Rotorway Exec

Purchased by a former customer, John Netherwood, a businessman from England, the new company recognized the design hurdles of the Elete and promptly set out to address making the proven Exec model a better aircraft to sell, the Exec 90. The Exec was reviewed from top to bottom. Any and all suggestions from the experienced staff were considered, evaluated and many implemented. Extensive redesigning was done and when all was complete, 21 items were changed or improved including the aerodynamics, drive train, stability and power.
The engine was once more a primary area of improvement, a task made even easier by the fact that RotorWay had been engineering and manufacturing their own engine for years by this time. The RI 162 cubic inch engine was specifically designed for rotorcraft flight and possessed an incredibly light weight to horsepower ratio. Extended life limits were added to the chains, belts, rotor system and asymmetrical blades.

Improvements were made in every aspect of the aircraft including the method of packing and organizing the kit, the manuals, and the customer service program to assist the builder with technical information. Many critical systems were then assembled by RotorWay itself, almost all of the fabrication completed for the builder. All of the welding was now done at the factory as well. The rotor blades required little more than finishing touches. The tailboom had been formed and riveted and was ready for inspection covers to be fitted and mounted on the airframe. The wiring harness was assembled and tested, coming ready for installation.

The Exec 90 was the only piston-powered helicopter at the time to utilize an asymmetrical airfoil for improved autorotation characteristics and safety. The Exec 90 also utilized a unique drive system, eliminating an expensive transmission, metal chip detectors and possible in-flight failures. With all of this in place, the expected build time with the standard kit was about 500 hours. A quick build kit was soon offered, cutting that time nearly in half. Eventually, the quick build kit became the only way in which to purchase the helicopter. Pilot and passenger load was 400 pounds with a normal cruise of 95 mph and a maximum airspeed of 115 mph.


Exec 90

The Exec 162F powerplant utilises the very latest, fully automated, digital electronic control system. Designed to incorporate high performance with maximum reliability, maintenance on the Exec is kept to a minimum. Fuel consumption is only 8 USG per hour and the Exec 162F works with 92 Octane. The Exec 162F utilizes an asymmetrical airfoil for improved autorotation characteristics and safety. An elastomeric rotor hub eliminates a lot of moving parts, bringing considerable simplicity to the rotor system.

The many prefabricated components of the Exec 162F make the kit an easy project for the first time builder. The average build time of only 450 hours is one of the lowest in the kit industry. Some have even done it in as low as 300 hours. There is no welding to be done, only minor fabrication work, and all major components are pre-assembled.

Each of the Exec 162F's smaller components are provided on detailed shrink wrapped cards. Each part is numbered to coincide with the construction manuals, prints, and templates. Construction manuals are in see-do style using step by step photographs. The Exec 162F can be built and stored in a one car garage. The kit was designed with the amateur builder in mind and no special tools are required.

With the introduction of the Exec 162F came a new cabin design. The side by side seating arrangement was modified from that of previous models, adding 2 cu. ft. of cabin space and greatly increasing cabin comfort. The cabin is 44 inches across the shoulders. The floorpan was widened to provide more leg room. Cabin doors were also widened to improve accessibility to the cabin. Dual controls are standard with each kit.

The Exec 162F utilizes the latest in fuel injection and electronic ignition. The "FADEC SYSTEM" (Fully Automated Digital Electronic Control) controls the Exec 162F powerplant. This processing unit provides the powerplant with the correct fuel, air, and ignition ratios required for optimum performance with minimum fuel expenditure. Sensors monitor the engine's vital functions. These are provided to the pilot via a digital display in the cockpit. This display will also automatically display any system operating out of its normal range.
Unique to this system is its excellent component redundancy. All Systems have a backup and in the event of a total loss or failure of any system component, including the electronic control unit, a redundant system will automatically engage for uninterrupted operation. Dual electronic ignition, electronic fuel injection, and complete engine monitoring are all part of the "FADEC" system.


Exec 162 F


Flight orientation and maintenance training was available to RotorWay owners.

Brochure $15, Video $15, both $25. Kit: $64,350 complete in 2009.

Executive 145
Engine 145-hp RotorWay RW-152
Gross Wt. 1285 lb
Empty Wt. 830 lb
Fuel capacity 15 USG
Rotor diameter 25 ft
Length 21 ft 6 in
Top speed 115 mph
Cruise 90-95 mph
Climb rate 1200 fpm
Range 190 miles

Exec 162F
Engines: RotorWay RI162 with FADEC system
Rotor Blades: 25 ft / 7.6 m RotorWay aluminum alloy
Elastomeric rotor and hub
Tail rotor: 50.25in / 1.2 m
Width: 5 ft 5 in
Height: 8 ft / 2.4 m
Fuselage Length: 22 ft / 6.7m
Overall length: 29 ft 6 in / 9 m
Empty Weight: 975 lbs / 442 lb
Useful Load: 525 lbs / 238 kg
Gross Weight: 1,500 lbs / 680 kg
Fuel cap: 17 USG / 64 lt
Min Speed: Hover
Cruise: 95-100 mph
Top Speed: 115 mph / 100 kt
ROC: 1000 fpm
Service ceiling: 10,000 ft
HIGE: 7000 ft
HOGE: 5000 ft
Range: 180 sm / 2 hr.
Cabin width: 44 in / 1.1 m
Landing gear: skids
Skid width: 65 in / 1.6 m
Seats: 2


Exec 162 F
Engine: Rotorway 162, 150 hp
Rotor span: 7.62 m
MAUW: 680 kg
Empty weight: 442 kg
Fuel capacity: 65 lt
Max speed: 185 kph
Cruise speed: 153 kph
Minimum speed: 0 kph
Climb rate: 5 m/s
Seats: 2
Fuel consumption: 30 lt/hr
Kit price (1998): $62,350