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American Sportscopter UltraSport 496

Light's American Sportscopter UltraSport 496



A two seat partially enclosed helicopter. Composite body, main rotor and shrouded tail rotor. Useable as a trainer, either experimental or ultralight. Includes full dual controls, doors, electric start. Infinite life composite rotor blades and fuselage. High inertia blades for excellent autorotation. An 8' wide landing gear. Floor mounted cyclic now standard. Quick build kit. Meets 51% build rule. Dual controls standard. Plans or Kits delivered within 4-6 weeks of receiving order in 2009.

The Ultrasport 496 two-seater which commenced flight testing (N496AS) in July 1995, has a wider cabin than the 331 and uses a 95hp Hirth F.30 engine. The Ultrasport helicopter kits are manufactured in Taiwan. Deliveries began in April 1997.

The Ultrasport 496RT announced in 2002 uses a 84.6kW Rotax 914 turbocharged engine with electric start and quadruple carburettors.

Prices in 2003 were: 496 US$62,900; 496RT US$77,900.

An unmanned surveillance prototype named Vigilante 496 (first flight February 1998) was developed by Science Applications International Corporation. The Vigilante 496 prototype (N496UV) evaluated as optionally piloted vehicle (OPV) by US Navy during first and second quarters of 1998.


Engine: Hirth F 30, 115 hp
Rotor span: 7.00 m
Blade area: 0.170 sq.m
MAUW: 514 kg
Empty weight: 245 kg
Fuel capacity: 60 lt
Max speed: 167 kph
Cruise speed: 112 kph
Minimum speed: 0 kph
Climb rate: 4 m/s
Seats: 2
Fuel consumption: 25 lt/hr


Engine: One 85.8kW Hirth F30 quad-carburettor / electric start
Main rotor diameter: 7.01m
Tail rotor diameter: 0.76m
Length rotor blades folded: 6.02m
Height: 2.49m
Take-off weight: 512kg
Empty weight: 256kg
Never-exceed speed: 167km/h
Max cruising speed: 113km/h
Max rate of climb: 305m/min
Hovering ceiling, IGE: 3290m
Hovering ceiling, OGE: 2135m
Range: 240km
Endurance: 3h
Fuel capacity: 61 lt

Engine: 105 hp Hirth H-30, Quad carb, Dual CDI
Transmission 11:1 helical spur (2 stage)
Rotor blades diameter: Composite 23 ft
Roror blade chord: 7 in composite
Tail rotor diameter: 30in
Cruise: 69 mph
Top Speed: 104 mph
Empty Weight: 575 lbs
Useful Load: 605 lbs
Gross Weight: 1,180 lbs
Width: 6 ft 6 in
Height 8 ft 2 in
Length(w/blades folded): 19 ft 9 in

Engine: Hirth Gober, 120 hp
Disk span: 23 ft
Seats: 2
Landing gear: skids
Endurance: 2.5 hr
Weight empty: 600 lbs
Gross: 1180 lbs
Speed max: 103 kts
Cruise: 93 kts

Engine: 75.0kW Hirth H3QE


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