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American Sportscopter UltraSport 254

Light's American Sportscopter UltraSport 254



American Sportscopter (ASI) was formed in 1990 to produce an ultralight helicopter to FAR Part 103, which was designated Ultrasport 254. Design objective of 254 was basic weight not to exceed 115kg (254 lb) in order to comply with FAR Pt 103.

First flown on 24 July 1993 and publicly displayed at Oshkosh that year, it is a single-seater with a semi-enclosed composite fuselage structure, skid undercarriage and a tubular tailboom with tailplane and twin fins and a tail rotor enclosed in a large circular shroud. Two prototypes were built and tested.

The two-blade composites construction main rotor has tip weights for momentum conservation in the event of an engine failure, an 8 deg linear twist and infinite life. The tail rotor drive is carried in a narrow streamlined tailboom. A centrifugal sprag clutch for starting engages rotors at 2,000 engine rpm and automatically disengages in the event of engine failure.

Fitted with a 5 US gallon tank, and the 8 foot wide landing gear stressed for landings at up to 2.5g, and has optional floats (weight 18kg). A quick build kit requires 80 hours to assembly. An overhead control stick operates with same movements as joysticks. A floor-mounted cyclic option has available since 1998.

It is powered by a 55hp Hirth 2703 engine mounted behind the cockpit rear bulkhead. In 2003 the engine used was the 41.0kW Hirth 27G3 dual-carburettor two-stroke engine with pull starter and 12:1 planetary transmission. Normal fuel capacity 19 litres.

The Ultrasport 254 was available in 2003 for US$34,900.

Engine: 55 hp Hirth 2703 522cc.
Transmission: 12:1 planetary.
Speed max: 63 mph.
Cruise: 63 mph.
Range: 70 sm.
ROC: 1000 fpm.
Rotor blades: Composite 21’, 6.7” chord, metal tail rotor 40”.
Fuel cap: 5 USG.
Weight empty: 252 lbs.
Gross: 525 lbs.
Height: 7.5 ft.
Length: 16.67 ft.
Seats: 1.
Landing gear: skids.

Engines: 55hp Hirth 2703, 65hp Hirth 2706 is optional. Dual carb,Dual CDI.
Transmission 12:1 Planetary
Rotor Blades: Composite 21' diameter, 7" chord
Composite tail rotor 30' diameter.
Cruise 63 mph
Top Speed 63 mph
Empty Weight 252 lbs
Useful Load 273 lbs
Gross Weight 525 lbs
Width 8'
Height 7'10"
Length 19'2"

Ultrasport 254
Main rotor diameter: 6.4m
Tail rotor diameter: 0.76m
Length with rotor blades folded: 5.84m
Height: 2.39m
Take-off weight: 238kg
Empty weight: 114kg
Max level speed: 101km/h
Max rate of climb: 305m/min
Hovering ceiling, IGE: 3290m
Hovering ceiling, OGE: 2135m
Range with normal fuel at 100km/h: 120km


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