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This company was formed by Mr. T.G.Adams and Mr. Paul Wilson to market plans the single-seat helicopter named the HobbyCopter, of which they have built a prototype, N23P, with a 34 hp engine.

The company also supplies kits of parts for the Hobby-Copter sold as a kit to amateurs as the Model 101 Hobbycopter, offered in kit (US$900) or plan (US$35) The subsequent Model 102 had a strengthened structure, 50hp Triumph engine and fibreglass cockpit shell.

First flown in November 1958, this single seat fully fledged helicopter was powered by a motor cycle engine, rubber mounted and fitting into the frame with no modifications - including starting procedures. Powered by a 40-46hp Triumph 650cc motorcycle engine, the engine, as in its original mount, is kick-started. Fuel is in a single tank above engine with a capacity of 11.4 litres. Oil capacity is 3.8 litres.

When the run-up is complete and ready for takeoff, the pilot engages gear through the motorcycle gearbox — the power being transmitted through a one-way drive to the main rotors and by a vee-belt to the tail rotor. An open air machine, the helicopter utilises skids and features a 22 foot laminated spruce wooden main rotor of NACA 0012 aerofoil section (chord 0.20m) and a formed aluminium two ­bladed tail rotor. Cyclic and collective pitch are controlled by a swash-plate.

The rotor drive involves engine-to-gearbox by chain; gearbox-to-main rotor by direct shaft; gearbox-to-tail rotor by belt. The main rotor rpm in flight is 360, and tail rotor rpm in flight 1,800. The fuselage is all aluminium tube structure, bolted together, with tubular skids, with retractable ground-handling wheels. A single fiberglass bucket seat is ahead of the rotor drive shaft.

The plans are all to aircraft specifications and the structure is bolted together. The main lift bearing is designed to take six tons.

XH-1 HobbyCopter
Engine: 850cc Norton         
Main rotor dia: 22 ft / 6.55m
Tail rotor dia: 0.94 m              
Fuselage length: 4.27 m
Width: 1.52m             
Height: 1.83m
Empty wt: 335 lb            
MAUW: 600 lb / 252kg
Weight empty, equipped: 161kg            
Max speed: 72 mph / 96km/h
Max cruise: 72km/h             
Econ cruising speed: 64km/h
Service ceiling: 2440m             
Max range: 193km
Fuel burn: 1.5 USG/hr         
Seats: 1

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