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Antonov Helicoplane



Built by the Russian military engineer K. A. Antonov [К. А. Антонов], in development at St. Petersburg from 1907-1911. The essence of the machine was that it rose vertically by the use of the counter-rotating rotors and after gaining enough height it was flown horizontally by the propeller. In 1907 military engineer K.A.Antonov applied for, and in 1912 obtained a patent for his Helicoplane.
The whole system was driven by one 25 hp engine, so a complex system of cogwheels and rods was probably necessary to work the rotors and propeller. As the Helicoplane - according to reports - did not fly, it may be presumed that it was too heavy. As he was a military engineer it can be assumed that there was some form of financial backing or other help received from the Russian government.
The helicoplane was built and tested in St.Petersburg during 1910. Despite all systems working as expected, the Helicoplane failed to takeoff.
Antonov was otherwise prominent in Russian aviation as he participated in the design and building of the 6,900 m³ dirigible “Krechet” in 1910.

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