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Texas Helicopter M79 Jet Wasp II

The 1979 M79S Wasp II was a two place Ag modification of the Bell 47G. First flown on 6 January 1979.
First flown in 1979 with a piston engine, the M79T Jet Wasp II was a two-seat turboshaft powered modification of the Bell TH-13T helicopter. One was built (N1001X) in 1982.
M79S Wasp II
Engine: TVO-435, 270hp
Rotor: 37'1"
Length: 36'0"
Useful load: 1480 lb
Max speed: 106 mph
Cruise: 80 mph
Range: 300 mi
Seats: 2
M79T Jet Wasp II
Engine: Soloy-Allison 250
Seats: 2


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