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Nagler NH-120

This 1954 ultra-light single-seater has two rotors: one main rotor with collective and cyclic pitch control, the latter by a hanging stick, and one smaller anti-torque rotor. Nagler's ingenuity in this design consists in placing the latter above the main rotor, which is thus surmounted by the driving engine directly above it and a two-bladed, much smaller diameter fixed-pitch rotor. This compact unit, two rotors with the engine between them, is supported by the helicopter frame made of tubes and containing the pilot's seat with fuel tanks behind it. The 45hp engine originally planned for proved insufficiently powerful and has been replaced. The tricycle landing gear has three wheels held at the end of legs fitted with shock absorbers.
When folded this rotorcraft will go into a container measuring 0.77 by 2.13m.

NH 120
Engine: Nelson, 40hp
Upper rotor diameter: 2.13m
Lower rotor diameter: 6.1m
Length: 8 ft 2 in
Height: 2.74m
Weight empty: 127kg
Weight fully loaded: 340kg
Max speed: 80 mph
Cruising speed: 112km/h
Range: 210 mi
Endurance: 3h
Crew: 1
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