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Landgraf Helicopter Co H-2

Designed by Fred Landgraf with twin overlapping rotors on wingform pylon, and retractable landing gear. The sole example, NX21762, first flew on 2 November 1944.
A U.S. Army development contract was issued in 1945 but it was damaged in a test flight.
Sale price was to be $2,300. A U.K. license was held by Firth Helicopters of London.
The company, beset by financial problems, cancelled development of a three place H-3 and 5-8 place H-4, and auctioned its design and tooling in 1949, with the remains of the prototype going for $50.
Engine: Pobjoy R, 85hp
Span: 27'0"
Rotor: 16'0"
Length: 15'0"
Useful load: 186 lb
Max speed: 100 mph
Seats: 1
Undercarriage: retractable

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