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Kamov Ka-115


The Ka-115 is a light multi-purpose helicopter equipped with landing skids. It is powered by Pratt & Whitney/Klimov PW 206K/2 engine (Canada/Russia production), and features a large five-door cabin with large windows. In terms of payload-to-weight ratio the helicopter is comparable to its world counterparts.
The cabin is fitted with heating and ventilation systems.

High rotor system efficiency, absence of power losses for the tail rotor drive, combined with smooth aerodynamic shape of the airframe and economic engine give the helicopter fuel flow characteristic of less than 0.5kg per km at a cruise speed of 230km/h.

A de-icing system of the rotor blades, engine inlet particle separator and air conditioning system make the helicopter capable of operating in any climatic region within a 50 degree temperature range.

The helicopter complies with international standards on reliability, safety and comfortable conditions for pilot and passengers.

Engines: 1 x PW/K 206D turboshaft, 477kW
Rotor diameter: 9.5m
Fuselage length: 9.2m
Height: 3.6m
Width: 2.0m
Max take-off weight: 1850kg
Max speed: 250km/h
Cruising speed: 230km/h
Rate of climb: 11.5m/s
Service ceiling: 5200m
Range: 780km
Payload: 700-900kg
Crew: 1
Passengers: 5

Engine: 1 x P&W/Klimov PW206K/2.
Instant pwr: 410 kW.
Rotor dia: 9.5 m.
MTOW: 1850 kg.
Payload: 600 kg.
Useful load: 878 kg.
Max speed: 135 kts.
Max cruise: 124 kts.
Max range: 780 km.
HIGE: 10,164 ft.
HOGE: 7541 ft.
Service ceiling: 17,049 ft.
Crew: 1.
Pax: 4/5.






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