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Agusta A.129 Mangusta

Turkish Aerospace Industries T129 ATAK



A.129A Mangusta

The A.129 Mangusta (Mongoose) is a day/ night military scout/antiarmour helicopter, which preliminary design began in 1978, and the first of four flying prototypes made its initial flight on 15 September 1983 powered by two 800 shp Avco Lycoming LTS101-850 turboshaft engines. The development programme was jointly funded by the Ital-ian Army and Agusta.

The A.129 uses a fully-articulated fiberglass four-blade main rotor system with elastomeric bearings and low-noise profile tips. The transmission has a run-dry capability. A Harris digital integrated multiplex system controls communication, navigation, engine, armament, power distribution and utility systems. The avionics include active and passive self-protection systems, and the 70 percent composite-built airframe is designed to provide protection against 12.7mm rounds and partial protection against 23mm rounds and meets crashworthiness standards. The main and tail rotors are also designed for 12.7mm ballistic tolerance. The two crew are seated in a tandem cockpit, fitted with a low-glint canopy and with a small frontal area to minimize visual and radar detection. They both use helmet-mounted displays which present targeting information and the imagery from infra-red sensors for operations at night. They also have fly-by-wire controls and multi-function displays showing all flight data.

The powerplant is two Rolls-Royce Gem 2 turbines, license-built in Italy by Piaggio.




Offensive armament can be carried by the A.129 on four stub-wing attachment points, the inner pair being stressed for loads up to 300kg. All four pylons can be elevated 3° and depressed 12°. The standard Mangusta (Mongoose) is armed with eight TOW anti-tank missiles, with Flir-augmented nose sight and pilot’s night vision sensor linked to helmet display sights. Other equipment includes passive and active infrared and electronic counter measures. Provision is made for the later installation of a mast mounted target acquisition system.


A total of 66 A.129s were ordered by the Italian Army by early 1984 and the first entered service in 1989. Offered to Australia, the cost was around $9 million per aircraft.

Agusta has test flown an improved development of its Mangusta attack helicopter (the A.129 International) which features a number of improvements to enhance performance and payload, and improved avionics capabilities. The major change is the substitution of the Rolls-Royce Gem 1004 turboshafts with more modern and more powerful LHTEC T800s. The T800s output 30 to 40% more power over the operational range of the engines compared with the Gems, while the transmission rating has been increased to 1795shp (1340kW). Further performance improvements are courtesy of a five bladed, instead of four, main rotor system. The A 129 International’s armament has also been expanded to include a three barrelled M-197 20mm cannon mounted in a nose mounted Martin Marietta/GIAT turret, plus TOW and Hellfire anti tank missile capability, Stinger air-to-air missiles and 70mm and 81mm rockets. Improvements to the avionics include FLIR and CCD television.


The Turkish Aerospace Industries T129 ATAK Helicopter program started in 2007 for development and production of 91 helicopters, as a Joint Collaboration of TAI and AgustaWestland also known as the "ATAK Team". Within the scope of program, the first T129 ATAK Helicopter was delivered to the Turkish Armed Forces on 22nd of April 2014.


Turkish Aerospace Industries T129 ATAK


Agusta A-129 Mangusta
Engine: 2 x Rolls-Royce Gem 2 Mk. 1004D turboshaft, 750 shp / 615kW
Main rotor diameter: 39.042 ft / 11.9m        
Wingspan: 3.20m
Length rotors turning: 14.29m            
Fuselage length: 40.354 ft / 12.28m
Height: 3.35m                    
Weight empty: 5576.4 lb / 2529.0 kg  
MTOW: 9040.5 lb / 4100kg            
Loaded weight: 2529kg
Fuel capacity: 246 gal / 930 lt             
Max speed: 140 kts / 259km/h
Cruising speed: 130 kts / 240 km/h             
Rate of climb: 2145.67 ft/min / 10.9m/s
HOGE: 3105m                    
Service ceiling: 16076 ft / 4900 m
Range: 378 nm / 700 km                 
Endurance: 3hr
Crew: 2                       
Armament: 8 Tows or 6 Hellfires

A.129 Mangusta
Engine: 2 x R-R Gem 2 Mk 1004D turboshafts, 1,035 shp (772 kW)
Installed pwr: 1230 kW                
Rotor dia: 11.9 m
Fuselage length: 12.3 m                
No. Blades: 4
Empty wt: 2529 kg                
MTOW: 4100 kg
Payload: 1750 kg                    
Max speed: 135 kt
ROC: 2000 fpm                    
HIGE: 3290 m
HOGE: 2390 m                    
Range: 3 hr
Crew: 2

A.129 International
Engine: 2 x LHTEC T800-800 Instant pwr: 1044 shp
Rotor dia: 11.9 m                    
MTOW: 4113 kg
Payload: 1200 kg                    
Max speed: 159 kt
Max cruise: 124 kt                
Max range: 527 km
ROC: 2360 fpm                    
HIGE: 10,300 ft
HOGE: 6200 ft                    
Crew: 2



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