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Aerotecnica Sa AC-11

Matra-Cantinieau MC-101



Cantinieau moved on to a two-seater, the MC.101, which retained the general layout of the C.100 but with a much cleaned-up structure and a 105hp Hirth engine. Two examples of the MC.101 were built by Matra (F-WGIX and F-WGIY), the first of which was flown by Gerard Henry at Buc on 11 November 1952. It was shortly after this that Cantinieau gained the interest of the Marquis del Merito, a Spanish industrialist, who had established Aerotecnica SA as an aerial photography and crop spraying business based at Cuatro Vientos near Madrid.
Aerotecnica S.A. began building helicopters by hiring French engineer Jean Cantinieau and acquiring the Matra-Cantinieau MC-101 light helicopter built by the French Societe Matra in 1952. This helicopter was given the designation AC-11 (Aerotecnica-Cantinieau-11). It became evident that the aircraft was underpowered in Madrid's hot and high conditions and a 150hp Lycoming was installed - in which form it became the Model AC.12.

From the AC-11 have been developed the AC-12 and AC-13.


Engine: 105 h.p. Hirth
Rotor diameter: 26 ft. 4 in
Rotors: 3-blade main; 3-blade tail
Fuselage length: 22 ft
Loaded weight: 1760 lb.
Ceiling; 9,840 ft.
Typical range: 250 miles at 96 m.p.h. with ful1 load.
Seats: 2

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