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Aerospace General Corp Mini-Copter


Aerospace General Corp announced their Mini-Copter with an optional landing skid. Two small rocket motors powered the Mini-Copter, converting hydrogen peroxide fuel into superheated steam which was released through rotor-tip nozzles, providing equivalent to a 90-hp engine. Fuel was carried in two tanks each side of the pilot. The entire machine fitted into a cylindrical container no larger than a jet fighter's droptank. The Mini-Copter was first flown in 1973.


The Mini-Copter was intended originally for air-dropping to a pilot who had been forced down behind enemy lines or in terrain unsuited to conventional rescue. It was evaluated by the US Army in an Individual Tactical Air Vehicle (ITAV) role in three configurations:
- 1: is the basic version with no landing gear and the fuel tanks and control/rotor unit strapped to the pilot;
- 2: consists of a welded steel tube structure carrying the control/ rotor unit and fuel tanks, and providing a seat for the pilot;
- 3: is generally similar to version 2 but has the addition of a 67kW McCulloch flat-four engine.




This model takes off as a helicopter using its two 19kg Aerospace General rocket motors (one on the tip of each main rotor blade) but at 48kph forward speed the tip units are turned off and the aircraft flies as an autogyro using the McCulloch engine.



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