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Aeronautical Products Inc A-3

The Model 3 of 1944 fuselage was of fabric-covered welded steel tubing, and resembled that of a light aircraft with the engine located in the forward section and placed horizontally forward of the cabin.

Power from the engine, cooled by a fan mounted directly above it, was transmitted by pulleys and vee belts to a horizontal main drive shaft, then through a bevel gear drive to the main rotor shaft which passed between the pilot's and the passenger's seats.
Mounted on the vertical rotor drive shaft was the main gearbox for the tail shaft operating the two-bladed anti-torque rotor, with a diameter of 1.71 metres, the pitch of which was controlled by rudder pedals. This rotor's maximum rotational speed was 1200 r.p.m.

The three blades of the main rotor were made with tapered tubular spars and also connected to the root spars by a double-action hydraulic shock absorber.
Cyclic pitch control was obtained by a hanging stick while on the engine throttle support was the collective pitch control.

The A-3 was tested in 1945.

Engine: 1 x Franklin 6AC-298, 165hp     
Number of Seats: 2
Rotor Diameter: 9.14m                
Weight Fully Loaded: 544kg
Tail rotor diameter: 1.71 m                
Tail rotor speed: 1200 rpm

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