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Dechaux Helicop-Jet
The Hélicop-jet was an original design helicopter of Mr. Charles Déchaux and employed the so called pressure-jet principle (compressed air from turbine engine was channelled to exhaust nozzles at the tips of the rotor blades and extreme tail). The aircraft had a rotor as used in the Sud Aviation SO-1221 Djinn and also featured a twin tail boom configuration and used cabin doors of the Panhard PL-24c car.
A full-size model was exhibited at the 1969 Paris Air Show.
mock up in Salon du Bourget 1969

The first example of the Hélicop-jet, F-WZAI, had one 250-260hp Turboméca Palouste IV turbine and it made the first flight in December 1976 at the Issy-les-Moulineaux heliport with Mr. Heurtau, technical director of Héli-Union at the contrpls.
Trials with this first aircraft showed that only the pilot could be lifted.
The second prototype, F-WZJO made its maiden flight on December 12, 1984, still in Issy-les-Moulineaux. This time it is equipped with a Turbomeca Astazou IIIA 600 hp turbineand a more rounded windshield.
Tests continued at La Ferté-Alais, under the direction of engineer Jean Richard and piloted by Philippe Fouquaux. As with the first prototype, the second seemed largely underpowered. The tests of no 2 ceased in 1985.
Hélicop-Jet Project Management Co was formed in Montreal in 1984 with the objective the production of a helicopter derived from the Hélicop-Jet, without success. Plans for versions with Turboméca TM.319, P&W PT6 and Allison 250 turbine engines were abandoned.
The prototype no 2 was given to CELAG (Center for Studies and Leisure Aerospace Grenoble) in July 2001. Since July 2007, it has been exhibited in the collections of the Lyon-Corbas Aviation Museum. This prototype arrived at the CELAG on July 25, 2001, after a long period of immobilization at Ferté-Alais, where it had been stored by 1985. It was in excellent state, and almost complete.
No 2 prototype, F-WZJO
Engine: Turbomeca Astazou IIIA 600 hp
Rotor diameter: 10.08 m
Number of blades: 4
Fuselage length: 5.30 m
Height: 2.72 m
Empty weight: 450 kg
MTOW: 1060 kg
Cruise speed: 200 km / h
Range: 450 km
Seats: 4

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