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Cicare CH-14 Aguilucho
The Augusto Cicare CH-14 light two-seat tandem helicopter development began in January 2005 under an Argentine Army request in conjunction with CITEFA, La Plata University and Army Aviation Maintenance Batallion.
First revealed Nov 23, 2007 during the Army Aviation Day and is intended to be used in both civilian and military applications.
Powerplant: Rolls Royce Allison 250-C20-B, 420 hp
Maximum Continuous Power: 370 hp
MTOW: 1450 kg
Empty Weight: 750 kg
Useable Load: 700 kg
Vne: 240 km/h
Cruise Speed: 210 km/h
Range: 630 km
Climb Rate: 8 m/s
Service Ceiling: 4500 m

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