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The JAI-22 helicopter (Russian: ХАИ-22) was developed by the Bureau Student Building (SKB) of the JAI between 1966 and 1968 as light experimental. V. Revinov was in charge of the design and construction.
This helicopter was designed from a tubular structure attached to a seat, installed on a tricycle skeleton train. The main rotor and transmission system were attached to this seat.
The main rotor featured two parallel, counterbalanced chord blades. The landing gear had small wheels.
The powerplant consisted of a 36-hp M-62 motorcycle engine, located at the front, under the pilot's feet. The angular momentum of the crankshaft axis was transmitted through a double level reducer to a cardan system, an angle reducer, to the vertical axis and from there to the rotor blades. To compensate for the reactive moment at the end of the tail bar, a small 1.1 meter diameter two-bladed anti-torque rotor was placed, moved in the test bed by a small “Druzhba” motor and then in the JAI-22A by a transmission system from the main rotor
The JAI-22 was built as an experimental test bed with the aim of developing the lift system to be used in the future construction of light helicopters. The 5.4 meter diameter main rotor blades, constructed of fiberglass, were tested on this test bed. The tests were carried out at the JAI aerodrome, where a special test station was set up.
After some modifications, the JAI-22 test bed was converted into the JAI-22A light helicopter operational model with a take-off weight of 220 kg.
The JAI-22A was tested in a captive configuration in 1968, showing low motive power, so free flight was not authorized at low ground level.
Despite this, in 1968 itself it was shown at the Exhibition of Economic Achievements (VDNJ) of the USSR and its authors were awarded.
The JAI-22A is shown in the Soviet VDNJ.
In 1969 the production of a small pre-production series was studied, which would never be carried out.
Drawing of the JAI-22A in flight published in the magazine “Texnika Molodiozhi”.
Engine: 36 hp M-62 motorcycle
Main rotor span: 5.40 m
Rotor disc: 22.90 m²
Tail rotor span: 1.10 m
Empty weight: 90 kg
Loaded weight: 220 kg
Fuel Weight: 40kg
Maximum speed at 500 m: 100 km / h
Cruising speed: 70 km / h
Static ceiling: 1000 m
Range: 200 km
Rotor load: 9.61 kg / m²
Power load: 5.85 kg / hp
Seats: 1
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