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LIFT Aircraft Hexa
A multicopter being developed by Texas company LIFT Aircraft circa 2020, the company advertises it as an ultralight, but legal ultralights must weigh less than 254 pounds - Hexa tips the scales at 432 pounds.
The craft looks marginally smooth in flight, and the pilot demonstrates only vertical flight, very slow forward flight and a little hovering.
It’s called Hexa, though Hexa has 18 rotors, which are, the company says, all individually controlled by a computer utilizing triple-redundant autopilots. There’s also a whole-airplane recovery parachute system (WARPS), airbags. and it’s said to be amphibious.
The United States Air Force witnessed a flight test of a new. The craft was flown by the company’s CEO and chief pilot for the Air Force at Camp Mabry. The USAF Chief of Staff even sat in it. USAF Secretary Barbara Barrett was there for the demonstration.
U.S. Air Force Secretary Barbara Barrett with LIFT CEO Matt Chasen

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