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AirScooter II
The 2007 AirScooter II is a coaxial design in a modern light-weight craft. By eliminating the need and complexity of swashplates, collective and cyclic control through a coaxial rotor design a number of benefits beyond conventional helicopter designs are immediately realized. First; enhanced, intuitive flight controls are achieved by simple motorcycle-style handlebars and the absence of a tail rotor. To gain altitude, simply throttle up like you would on a motorcycle, turn left or right on the handlebars for craft rotation and move the handlebar assembly as a joystick for directional control (including reverse). No pedal controls are necessary, which means someone without the use of their legs can just as easily fly the AirScooter. Handlebar controls represent the most distinguishable feature of the AirScooter. AirScooter's patented design also provides an amazing level of stability while in the air and during flight.
The AirScooter falls into the ultralight weight class; requiring no pilot's license. Weight has been overcome this obstacle by using composite materials.
The AirScooter is not a kit. The AirScooter was planned to come completely assembled except for installation of the rotor blades and to include pneumatic floats instead of traditional helicopter skids. This feature further adds to the versatility of the AirScooter to get you wherever you want to go on land or swamp while providing a softer landing.
AirScooter II
AirScooter II
Engine: 1 x 65hp AeroTwin four-stroke
Rotor diameter: 4.27m
Length: 3.81m
Height: 3.35m
Width: 2.13m
Useful load: 150kg
Max speed: 100km/h
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