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Pitts & Kindree Sky Car
The 1928 Pitt Sky Car appears to be a helicopter with vibration designed into it (US patent #1,602,778). Each blade of the 60-blade rotor had a full-radius vane attached to it that was free to flap about its radial hinge. Rotation caused the drooping vanes to swing out, closing the space between blades and forming a solid rotor disk, the point being that the rotor was forced by the engine to reciprocate up and down. When the rotor went up the vanes were flung open, allowing the air to pass between the blades; when it then moved downwards, the vanes closed and a good portion of air was thrown downwards, thus supposedly creating a lifting force.
Motion pictures recorded a flight attempt in which it is seen jumping up and down but it is dubious if this was caused by downwash.
Engine: Curtiss OX-5, 90hp
Seats: 1

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