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Elisport CH-7 Angel Kompress

After 7 years of manufacturing and over 120 CH-7 ANGEL flying, Barbero brothers developed in 1996/97 the CH-7 KOMPRESS project, double seat tandem, double control, suitable for training. The Kompress has one-plus-one tandem seating, and a welded 4130 steel tube frame with composite body enclosure.
CH-7 Kompress
Tail boom and skids are of aluminum alloy. Manufactured in Italy.
CH-7 Kompress
Engine: Rotax 914, 115 hp
Rotor span: 7 m
Blade area: 0.18 sq.m
MAUW: 450 kg
Empty weight: 250 kg
Fuel capacity: 40 lt
Max speed: 208 kph
Cruise speed: 165 kph
Minimum speed: 0 kph
Climb rate: 7.5 m/s
Seats: 2
Fuel consumption: 20 lt/hr
CH-7 Kompress
Engine: 115 hp Rotax 914 turbo
Rotor Blades: Composite
Tail rotor: metal
Cruise: 160 km/h
Top Speed: 209 km/h
Empty Weight: 245 kg
Useful Load: 205 kg
Gross Weight: 450 kg
Seats: 2
CH-7 Kompress Charlie
Engine; Rotax 914 Turbo, 115 hp
Gross weight AeCI regulation; Kg 450
Empty weight; Kg 275
Useful load; Kg 205
Fuel capacity; 60 l. / 19 l.aux.
Rate climb; 7,5 m./sec.
In-ground effect hover; 3500 m.
Out-of-ground effect hover; 2500 m.
Service ceiling; m. 5000
Max fuel range; 480 Km/3 h.
Cruise speed; 160 Km/h.
Never exceed speed; 209 Km/h.
Seats; 2
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