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Gasturbine101 The Swarm
A man living in the UK known only as “Gasturbine101” created a 54-propeller drone not only capable of sustaining ordinary flight, but sustaining flight with him on board.
The drone contains 54 counter-rotation propellors and six grouped control channels with Hobbyking KK2.15 stabilization. The craft’s maximum takeoff weight is around 148 kg (326 lbs) while possessing the ability to sustain flight for roughly ten straight minutes. Power is approximately 22KW.

The Swarm cost about £6,000 to build and is powered by four cell batteries.

There is a flaw in the design of the vehicle. The large number of props running at high speed means the net torque reactions are relatively low, so the craft has little yaw authority. It probably needs a tail rotor for spot turns.

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