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Aer Lualdi L.59



The L.57 flight testing has proved so satisfactory that it forms the basis for the fully-developed L.59, with more powerful engine and metal rotor blades. The L-59 had more extensive cockpit transparencies and a 260hp Continental IO-470-D engine. A four-seat light general-purpose helicopter with a two-blade main rotor of metal construction, built by Parsons and of the type fitted to the Hiller UH-12C helicopter. Cyclic pitch control is of Hiller "Rotor-Matic" type with Lualdi gyro-stabilizer. The L.59 has a two-blade reinforced plastic tail rotor. The all-metal fuselage has four seats in two pairs, with dual controls for the front pair, and car-type door on each side. The undercarriage was of two tubular metal skids with upturned forward ends and wheels for ground handling (stored under the boom, forward of the tail rotor).

The nose mounted engine exhausted through a central exhaust under the fuselage, between the skids. Fuel was in a pair of tanks mounted side-by-side above the cabin on each side of the rotor pylon on pylons. Provision was made for the addition of a rescue hoist and carriage of two litters.

Two L.59 prototypes were constructed by Macchi at Varese with technical assistance from Sud Aviation. A test flight programme was flown from 1960 and the commercial type certificate was issued in August 1961 but the programme was terminated as more capable helicopters had become available.
The first prototype (I-GOGO - later MM576) was bought by the talian army’s air corps for evaluation as an observation platform and was later transferred to a museum.

Engine: Continental IO-470-D, 260 hp    
Main rotor dia: 34 ft 9.5 in / 10.6m
Fuselage length: 29 ft 9.5 in / 9.08 m        
Height: 9 ft 10 in / 3m
Main rotor disc area: 949.92 sq.ft / 88.25 sq.m        
Tail rotor dia: 1.70m
Payload: 380kg                
Empty weight: 1631 lb / 740 kg
MTOW:    2646 lb / 1200 kg            
Max speed: 99 mph / 160 kph
Cruise speed: 86 mph / 139 kph            
Initial ROC: 820 fpm / 250 m/min
Absolute ceiling:    19,355 ft / 5900 m        
HIGE: 9515 ft / 2900 m
HOGE: 5575 ft / 1700 m            
Endurance: 3 hr 30 min
Fuel capacity: 110kg                
Seats: 4
Skid track: 2.40m.

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