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Aer Lualdi Lualdi-Tassotti ES 53




Aer Lualdi flew its first experimental helicopter, designated the ES 53, at Campoformido in September 1953, powered by an 85hp Continental engine. The ES 53 incorporated the "Rotor-Matic" rotor system designed by Hiller Aircraft Corp. supplemented by a Lualdi gyroscopic system which was claimed to ensure smoother flight and easier handling qualities.

Subsequently, Lualdi were appointed agents and licencees for Hiller in Italy, and the rotor system pioneered with the ES 53 has been a feature of each of their subsequent designs. The first of these was the L.55.

Engine: Continental, 85 hp
Rotors: 2 x 2-blade co-axial
Rotor diameter: 24 ft
Cruising speed: 75 mph
Seats: 1



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