Sud-Est SE.3110
After the Sud-Est SE.3101, followed the 2-seat SE.3110 (F-WFUE), which had a 200hp Salmson 9 NH piston engine.
The 1947 Sud-Est SE.3110 helicopter still relied on the twin-tail rotor system used in the experimental SE.3101, which acted against torque and for directional and longitudinal control, and an enclosed cabin seating two side-by-side.
Sud-Est SE.3110
Engine: 1 x Salmson 9NH, 150kW
Main rotor diameter: 12m
Length: 11.13m
Max take-off weight: 950kg
Empty weight: 670kg
Max speed: 160km/h
Cruising speed: 115km/h
Rate of climb: 244m/min
Service ceiling: 4500m
Range: 300km