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Sud-Est SE-3120 Alouette
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The Sud-Est SE 3120 Alouette (Lark) a three seat light helicopter was designed mainly for agricultural purposes. The first of two prototypes (F-WGGD and -WGGE) was flown on 31 July 1952, powered by a 149kW Salmson 9NH radial engine with an articulated three-blade rotor. Its rotor has three degrees of freedom: pitch, in-plane motion and vertical flapping. Pitch is controlled by means of a stabilizing gyroscope.
In July 1953, established a new international helicopter closed-circuit duration record of 13 hours 56 minutes. Two other prototypes followed, one of which was a three-seater.
It was the first of the successful Alouette family of helicopters.
The basic airframe of the Sud-Est SE-3120 Alouette was completely redesigned to take the 269kW Turbomeca Artouste II turboshaft, and the first of two prototypes, designated SE 3130, was flown on 12 March 1955.
Sud-Est SE.3120
Engine: 1 x Salmson 9NH, 150kW
Main rotor diameter: 11.60m
Length: 10.45m
Max take-off weight: 1150kg
Empty weight: 750kg
Max speed: 125km/h
Service ceiling: 4000m
Range: 225km







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