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Chu Humming Bird


Humming Bird A


Though the helicopter principle, as is shown by the Chinese top, has been known in China for centuries, the first true Chinese helicopter goes back only as far as 1945. It was produced by Major-General Chu.

G.J.Chu studied aviation technology in the U.S.A, returned to China and was for thirteen years director of an aircraft manufacturing plant at Yunnan, which built various American aircraft and also the Soviet I-15 under licence.

In 1945 C.J.Ghu turned his attention to rotorcraft and designed a co-axial helicopter, known as the Humming Bird Model A. During the tie-down test, the ground screw came off with the rope, the Humming Bird tipped over and both its rotors were broken.

A start was immediately made on building a second version, the Humming Bird Model B.


Chu Humming Bird B


But, as the general tells the story: "Just as it was finished, however, I was sent to Formosa and for a variety of reasons we had to leave the ship on the mainland ..."

While in Formosa, Chu became interested in the tandem configuration and set to work again. After eighteen months' work, the aircraft was ready.


Humming Bird Model B
Engine: 1 x Kinner B-5, 125 hp
Rotor diameter: 7.62m
Width: 2.34m
Height: 2.63m
Gross weight: 725kg
Empty weight: 590kg
Maximum speed: 136km/h
Cruising speed: 112km/h
Inclining climb: 140m/min
Hover ceiling: 910m
Range: 219km







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