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Cicare CH-1




The first (1961) helicopter designed and built by Augusto Cicare is a single-seat single-engine with two counter-rotating coaxial rotors. Each rotor has two blades. The cyclic control varies the inclination of the rotors axis. The airframe is made of steel tubes. The four stroke, four opposite cylinders engine was also designed and built by Augusto.

Cicare CH-1
Engine: 1 x Cicare 4-cylinder air-cooled piston engine, 45kW
Rotor diameter: 6.0m
Length with rotors turning: 6.80m
Height: 2.15m
Width: 1.60m
Max take-off weight: 330kg
Empty weight: 225kg
Max speed: 129km/h
Cruising speed: 95km/h
Hovering ceiling, OGE: 1500m
Crew: 1







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