Fiat 7002



In 1959, the Societa per Azioni Fiat was awarded an Italian Defence Ministry contract to design and build a medium capacity helicopter for use by the Italian Air Force.

The Fiat 7002 is a medium-capacity dual-control helicopter for passenger transport and general-purpose duties. The main rotor is of the "cold jet" type, and is turned by ejecting compressed air, without any form of combustion, from nozzles at the blade-tips. Compressed air is provided by a Fiat 4700 turbogenerator. A small ducted tail rotor, mechanically-driven by the main rotor, ensures good manoeuvrability at low forward speeds and in autorotation.

The rotor system has a two-blade main rotor on tilting hub. Blades have leading-edge and spar of welded stainless steel sheet. Ducts in leading-edge and spar carry compressed air to propulsion nozzles at blade-tips. Blades linked together by steel strips which bear centrifugal loads and permit pitch variation. Blade chord 0.43m. Small ducted two-blade tail rotor.

The fuselage is light alloy sheet structure in three portions. Front portion accommodates side-by-side pilot's seats; centre portion accommodates passengers or payload; rear portion carries power plant. Short semi-monocoque tail-boom carries ducted tail rotor and small horizontal stabiliser. Twin tubular-skid type.

Power is from one Fiat 4700 turbogenerator with equivalent power of 530hp housed vertically in rear of fuselage. Fuel in tanks above cabin, with total capacity of 525 litres.

Two pilots, or pilot and passenger, sit side-by-side in front portion of fuselage, with dual controls. Large sideways-opening door on each side. Centre cabin for five passengers or 2.5cu.m of freight, etc. In casualty evacuation role can carry pilot, attendant, two litters internally and two externally. Very large door on each side of main cabin.

The sole prototype flew on 26 January 1961, but development was discontinued in 1963. Fiat then designed a new high-speed three-seat helicopter, designated Fiat 7005, which had a pusher propeller mounted immediately behind the rotor pylon. This was not built and Fiat discontinued helicopter development in 1967.


Fiat 7002
Engine: Fiat 4700 turbo-compressor, 405kW
Main rotor diameter: 12.0m
Fuselage length: 6.12m
Height: 2.88m
Max take-off weight: 1400kg
Empty weight: 650kg
Max speed: 170km/h
Cruising speed: 140km/h
Ceiling: 3400m
Range: 300km
Crew: 2