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Hummingbird Flying Platform



The creator of the "Hummingbird", Rafi Yoeli of Isreal considered this machine to be a safe and truly simple-to-operate personal Vertical Take Off & Landing vehicle. It was inspired by an original 1950's idea from the Hiller Company. The design was based on the use of a ducted fan, powered by four small internal combustion engines. The operator, standing on top, controled the vehicle by merely shifting his or her weight. A ballistically deployed emergency parachute unit was available as an optional extra.


Engines: 4 x Hirth F33-15A
Width/Diameter: 2.2 m (7.2 ft)
Height    1.9 m (4.2 ft)
Empty Weight: 145 kg (320 lbs)
Max. Gross Weight: 260 kg (572 lbs)
Fuel Capacity: 19 liters (4.8 gal)
Electric Start By Ground Assistance
Max. Speed: 40 knots
Max. Hover Height: 5000 feet
Endurance: 30 minutes





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