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Bolkow Bo.103
A flying version of the Bo.102, this was a larger single-seat version. Powered by an Agusta GA V, four-cylinder, double-piston engine. The helicopter still used the Bolkow single, counterbalanced fibreglass rotor blade. Built in 1959, it featured simple steel tube fuselage, a cockpit with transparent canopy open at the sides and a two-blade reinforced fiberglass rotor.
It first flew on 14 September 1961and proved to be stable, even allowing the test pilot, Werner Kurze, to perform several seconds of 'hands-off flight.
Although never reaching the production phase, the Bo.102 and Bo.103 were important in the early development of the rigid rotor and composite blades.
Engine: 1 x Agusta, 37kW
Main rotor diameter: 6.57m
Max take-off weight: 400kg
Empty weight: 268kg
Max speed: 140km/h
Cruising speed: 114km/h
Range: 450km
Crew: 1

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