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VFW-Fokker H-5



The success of the H3 version resulted in the construction of a follow-on 1969 H5 prototype which bore marked similarities to its predecessor. The H5 incorporated many H3 components, including rotor blades (although 0.6m longer), a modified H3 landing gear, along with H3 controls, tail, and tail boom. The cabin could also be opened with left-side seats capable of folding for litter loading and unloading. The larger H-5 cabin had five seats.

Like the H3, there was also no hydraulic system with the H5.

It was intended that the H-5 would be followed by the H-7 7/8 seater (construction of which was apparently started but not completed) and the much larger H-9. As it turned out, however, further development was abandoned in 1972 following the merger of VFW and Fokker.




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