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Cierva W.9
Weir W.9



The W.9 was an experimental helicopter to E.16/43, with a three-blade main rotor. Torque compensation was achieved by a jet of air discharged from the port side of the rear fuselage and supplied by a fan which also cooled the engine. The jet was controlled by two vanes. The air from a multi-bladed fan which cooled the engine was ducted through the inside of the fuselage, heated by the exhaust gases and then ejected through an opening on the port side. Two horizontal shutters controlled the flow of this air. The controllable efflux was also used to impart turning movements to the rotorcraft, which had neither fin nor rudder. The multi-bladed variable-pitch fan was coupled to the rudder pedals and thus provided yawing control.




First flown in 1945, only one was built.




Engine: 1 x Gipsy Six Series II, 155kW
Main rotor diameter: 10.98m
Max take-off weight: 1200kg


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