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Sud Aviation SE.3131 Gouverneur


This new helicopter, which was brought out as a product of Sud Aviation, first flew on 10 May 1957 (F-WIEA). It was introduced to the public during the French International Air Show at le Bourget soon afterwards. It basically an Alouette II with an Artouste engine, covered fuselage and executive cabin seating 5 occupants including the pilot, by the well-known expert Loewy.

Streamlining gave the Gouverneur improved cruising speed.


 snias gouvern-02


Both the main and the anti-torque rotor are taken from the Alouette, but to protect the latter, a bow-shaped tail skid is provided. Much thought has been given to making the Gouverneur's cabin as comfortable as possible, particularly by means of sound-proofing.

Engine: 1 x Turbomeca Artouste II
Rotor diameter: 10.2m
Length: 9.7m
Fuselage width: 2.08m
Gross weight: 1500kg
Empty weight: 925kg
Cruising speed: 195km/h
Absolute ceiling: 4600m
Range: 600km
Seats: 5



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