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Aviaimpex Yanhol / Angel


With the prototype structurally complete, the Aviaimpex Yanhol was displayed to the media on 31 August 2001. First flight was planned for June 2002.
Of pod-and-boom configuration, with T-tail and landing skids, the three seat helicopter has three-blade main and two-blade tail rotors.
COSTS: US$120.000 in Ukraine; US$150.000 export (2002),

Enghines: Two Rotax 912 ULS, 73.5kW.
Main rotor diameter: 8.28m
Tail rotor diameter: 1.30m
Length: 7.45m
Height: 2.475m
Max. take-off weight: 870kg
Empty weight: 524kg
Max. payload: 350kg
Max. speed: 184km/h
Max. cruising speed: 165km/h
Range max. fuel: 340km



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