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Vortech CW-105F


The CW-105F was designed, built and first flown in Europe. The prototype used a Continental C90-12F engine.
It has Lamborghini-style doors and an intermeshing twin-rotor system. The CW-105F is a true helicopter and will take off and land vertically, hover and fly forward, backward and sideward. It’s counterrotating dual rotor system cancels torque, eliminating the need for a tail rotor. The rotor system provides both cyclic and collective control. The CW-105F has been designed to carry 2 people.
The package consists of the huge set of blueprints, with 76 separate "Plans" (construction drawings), a complete Parts List, and photos. Every aspect of the CW-105F’s construction is detailed, including the rotor head and hub, the aluminum rotor blades, the control system, the airframe, engine mount, pilot/passenger compartment, exterior skin, and so on.

Length: 16 ft 6 in
Height: 7 ft
Width: 4 ft
Empty Weigh: 520 lbs
Gross Weight: 1,100 lbs
Useful Payload: 580 lbs
Rotor Diameter: 23 ft (per set)
Chord: 6 in
Engine: Lycoming O-235 to O-360
Maximum Speed: 75 mph
Cruise Speed: 60 mph
Rate of Climb: 900 fpm
Range: 225 miles
Service Ceiling: 11,000 ft



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