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Vortech Kestrel


The Kestrel is a single-seat ultralight helicopter powered by small jet engines mounted on the tips of the rotorblades. This form of power eliminates the need for a tail rotor, simplifying and reducing the cost of construction.
If ordered separately, the jet-helicopter construction package is available for $23.95 (+$3 postage US, $8 foreign). This package includes the Vortech Catalog. The Kestrel was available as a kit, in 2001.

Length: 12 ft
Height: 7 ft
Empty wt: 180 lbs
Gross wt: 440 lbs
Payload (max) 260 lbs
Engines (2): G8-2-20 jets
Fuel: propane
Fuel consump: 12+ USgal/hr
Rotor dia: 25 ft
Speed (max): 95 mph (63 as ultralight)
Altitude (max): 12,500 ft



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