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Vortech Skylark 1


Developed from the G-1 design, pilots have expressed amazement at this craft's stability and maneuverability. The Skylark can be flown in the Experimental Aircraft category. Although this is one of the more affordable homebuilts, the airframe and all of its major components have been designed for quality, dependability and durability.

Full instrumentation Skylark kit minus engine and instruments: $19,995 in 2001.
Skylark construction plans in 2001:
Reduced-size prints (11" x 17" format): $75 (add $6 postage U.S. or $16 foreign)
Full size prints (18" x 24" format): $175 (add $7 postage U.S. or $22 foreign)

Features of the Skylark:
- Full helicopter flight: vertical take-offs & landings; forward, backward & sideward flight; hovering.
- Standard helicopter control system
- All-aluminum main- & tail-rotor blades
- Aircraft-grade steel & aluminum airframe & major components, plus all AN hardware
- Full instrumentation


Engine Rotax 582, 65 hp
Main Rotor Diameter 19 ft
Disk area: 283 sq.ft
Tail Rotor Diameter 3 ft 6 in
Height 7 ft
Length 17 ft 6 in
Empty Weight 350 lbs
Gross Weight 725 lbs
Payload Weight 375 lbs
Fuel cap: 10 USG
Power Loading 10.8 lbs/hp
Disc Loading 2.5 lbs/sq ft
Maximum Speed 95 mph
Cruise Speed 70 mph
Rate Of Climb 1,000 fpm
Maximum Altitude 12,500 ft
Range: 120 sm
Seats: 1



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