Spitfire Helicopter Taurus

Earlier, in August 1978, P.Z.L. Swidnik concluded an agreement with the Spitfire Helicopter Company of Media, Pennsylvania, US allowing them to market a modified version of the Kania (itself an Mil Mi-2 verion) in Western countries under the name Spitfire Taurus. This differed primarily from the standard Polish version by introducing uprated Allison 250-C28 turboshaft engines, each with a take-off rating of 373kW fed by a large common intake; revised nose contours and sporting a ventral fin. However, the company has since gone out of business, and it is not known if any conversions were completed.


Engine: 2 x Isotov 350P, 400 shp
TBO: 3500 hr
Main rotor: 48.3 ft
Seats: 9
Length: 39.2 ft
Height: 12.3 ft
Max ramp weight: 7400 lb
Max takeoff weight: 7400 lb
Standard empty weight: 5166 lb
Max useful load: 2234 lb
Max landing weight: 7400 lb
Max sling load: 1763 lb
Disc loading: 4 lbs/sq.ft
Power loading: 9.3 lbs/hp
Max usable fuel: 1472 lb
Max rate of climb: 900 fpm
Service ceiling: 13,300 ft
Hover in ground effect: 6,900 ft
Hover out of ground effect: 7900 ft
Max speed: 147 kt
Normal cruise @ 3000 ft: 128 kt
Fuel flow @ normal cruise: 435 pph
Endurance @ normal cruise: 2.8 hr