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Spitfire Helicopter Mark 1 / II / IV

In January 1975 design began of Spitfire Mark I light helicopter, developed from Enstrom F-28A but with a 313kW Allison 250-C20B turbine powerplant. Other projects included Spitfire Mark II helicopter with additional cabin space and more engine power, and Spitfire Mark IV with auxiliary propulsion engines at tips of stub wings.

Mark 1
Engine: Allison 250-C20B, 420 shp
TBO: 3500 hr
Main rotor: 32 ft
Seats: 3
Length: 29.4 ft
Height: 9.2 ft
Max ramp weight: 2350 lb
Max takeoff weight: 2350 lb
Standard empty weight: 1292 lb
Max useful load: 1058 lb
Max landing weight: 2350 lb
Disc loading: 2.9 lbs/sq.ft
Power loading: 5.6 lbs/hp
Max usable fuel: 469 lb
Max rate of climb: 1550 fpm
Service ceiling: 15,000 ft
Hover in ground effect: 13,400 ft
Hover out of ground effect: 8000 ft
Max speed: 112 kt
Normal cruise @ 3000 ft: 96 kt
Fuel flow @ normal cruise: 180 pph
Endurance @ normal cruise: 2.4 hr



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