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Sikorsky S-92 Helibus / CH-148 Cyclone


Sikorsky has used computer-assisted design tools in the engineering of its S-92 Helibus. The first Sikorsky program to use Enovia PM (Product Manager) is the S-92, the new medium-lift helicopter being developed by an international team that includes Brazil's Embraer, Spain's Gamesa, Japan's Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, China's Jingdezhen Helicopter Group/CATIC and Taiwan's Aerospace Industrial Development Corp.

First appearing in 1998 the civil/military medium twin turboshaft S-92 Helibus can carry up to 22 passengers.

Sikorsky’s new S-92A made its maiden flight by Feb 1999 and was certified by the FAA on 17 December 2002. The parent company gave Sikorsky the go ahead to move the S-92 program into production after four prototypes had been built and number 3 was days away from first flight.


In November 2004 twenty-eight contracts for CH-148 Cyclone maritime helicopter H-92 variant as replacement for Sea King were signed.
Sikorsky CH-148
The H-92 is loadable with folding rotor and tail pylon into a C-5 or C-17.
In 2002 the Sikorsky S-92 was awarded the Collier Trophy.




Rotor diameter: 56'4"
Width: 17'3"
Length: 56'2"
MTOW: 25,200 lb
Payload: 5000 kg
External load: 10,000 lb
Max speed: 174 mph
Cruise: 151 mph
Range: 550 miles
Seats: 22
S-92 Superhawk
Engines: 2 x GE 1450hp CT7-6D
Main rotor: 4-blade 56'4" diameter
Width: 17'3"
Length: 56'10"
Max speed: 178 mph
Cruise: 160 mph
Range: 575 mi
Sikorsky S-92A
Engines: 2 x CT7-8A, 2,520 shp each
Fuselage Length: 56.2 ft
Height: 14.2 ft
Width: 12.8 ft
Max. Takeoff Weight: 26,500 lb
Empty Operating Weight (EOW): 17,929 lb
Standard Fuel Capacity: 5,130 lb / 766 gal
Optional Fuel Capacity: 1,625 lb / 242 gal
Vmo (Max Op) IAS: 165 kt
Normal Cruise TAS: 139 kt
Normal Climb: 1,600 fpm
Engine Out Climb: 440 fpm
Ceiling: 14,000 ft
(HOGE) Out of Ground Effect: 6,500 ft
(HIGE) In Ground Effect: 9,500 ft
Range Tanks Full: 534 nm
Range Full Seats: 542 nm
Crew: 2
Passengers: 19



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