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Sikorsky S-72 RSRA


The first of two Sikorsky S-72 helicopters (NASA 545) developed under contract to NASA and the US Army made its maiden flight on 12 October 1976. Known as a rotor systems research aircraft (RSRA), these two machines are test-bed aircraft for a wide variety of rotor systems. Intended for a wide variety of rotor systems, both have turboshafts but can add fixed wings and turbofan engines to test rotors too small to support the helicopter in flight.




The 1976 RSRA used the H-3/S-61 rotor system and engines on a new fuselage, similar to the S-67. The crew were seated on seats with a rocket extraction system (the blades would be blown off at the start of ejection sequence). Could be flown with wings and two GE TF-34s. Was flown in all combinations, even with no tail rotor. 
Two S-72 RSRA were built and one was modified as the X-wing demonstrator.
Engines: 2 x GE T58-GE-5 turboshafts
Rotor blade: 5
Rotor diameter: 62'0"
Length: 70'7"
Useful load: 3900-5178 lb
Max speed – helo: 184 mph
Max speed – compound: 361 mph
Cruise speed – helo: 160 mph
Cruise speed – compound: 230 mph
Ceiling: 10,000'





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