Howard Hughes Engineering PR Bipe / ALW Bipe


PR Bipe

Designed and manufactured by Australian LightWing as a kit aircraft, the first PR-Bipe was test flown on Sat 10 July 2004. The aircraft was completed by Eddie Sieve in Sydney's Northern suburbs, the aircraft was flown at Cessnock NSW.

The Bipe is a pleasure to fly with ultra responsive controls and is ideally suited to positive G aerobatics the second seat can carry up to an 85 kg passenger or baggage. The aircraft shown above is powered by the Jabiru 4 Cyl 4 stroke engine. The PR-Bipe is a derivative of the PR-582, this superb aircraft can be fitted with either the Rotax 582, the 912 or the 912-s.

The ALW Bipe Wing span is reduced to 6m. The aircraft can be built with a fully enclosed cockpit seating two. An open configuration Bipe can be made to order. The aircraft is available as a kit or a quick build kit and is suitable for either AUF or Experimental registration where aerobatics are approved by the manufacturer.